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The building housing this 63m2 apartment is located in Friedrichshain, a lively district of Berlin. The concept of this complete renovation has been inspired by raw and urban materials such as the concrete of the existing walls and the brick which has a very important part in the city’s construction history. The universe of the boxing clubs was highlighted by our client .

The graphic result, rich and eclectic, lets the materials speak for themselves: it creates a dialogue with the structural concrete and the hexagonal cement tiles which cover the bathroom ; the living room is covered with bricks moulded and fired in Germany. The large coated brick wall of the living room, the graphic black and white of the bathroom, the wood and leather of the furniture elements give to the place its diversity, but also its harmony.

The new elements, bringing a nuanced modernity overlay the history of the place.


Location ·

Boxhagener Straße, Berlin (DE)

Dates ·

Construction 1996 – Renovation 2019

Renovation concept ·

Salomé Wackernagel & Mathilde Gudefin

Photo Credits ·

José Albuquerque