H R 3 – 5

These two adjoining buildings located in a central district in Zurich
were part of a vast modern housing construction programme that was
started at the end of the 1930s. The architectural heritage of the Modern
Movement having unfortunately been far too often underappreciated,
many buildings of this period have been knocked down in recent years in
order to make space for higher, more luxurious ones.

The complete renovation of the bathrooms and kitchens of these 18 flats
was carried out in line with their original substance, which had not been
changed since 1938. The tenants were able to stay in their flats while
they were being renovated: the three types of flats, of 1, 2.5 and 3 rooms
respectively, are modest but highly prized by their current inhabitants,
who value the way in which the interior spaces are distributed, the urbanistic
qualities of this district, which was designed at a very early date as an island
of greenery in the heart of the city, as well as the fact that the rents
are relatively low compared to market prices in the Zurich urban area.

We decided not to ignore the buildings’ authentic character, but rather to
reinforce it. Our qualitative transformation of these spaces plays with
modernist concepts: geometric compositions, original details and
chromatic associations, creating a timeless, colourful architecture
which increases the value of the original building.



Location ·

Hanfrose, Zurich (CH)

Dates ·

Construction 1938 – Renovation 2018

Renovation concept ·

Salomé Wackernagel

Firms ·

Ganz Installationen AG • MK Bauleitungen • Miniti GmbH • Loosli Küchen AG • Arte della Casa Bautechnik GmbH

Photo Credits ·

Philipp Obkircher