In an abandoned building with a beautiful rational architecture from 1934, located in the periphery of Genoa and facing the sea, we made a proposal for a conceptual interior design: a hotel and bar design using sustainable and innovative materials mostly made from waste elements captured in the sea.
The renovated building is conceived as a self-sufficient one, with the installation of a desalination unit to recycle sea water (showers/WCs…) and solar panels on the roof.
We wanted to respect its history and make it the theatre of a strong architectural, ecological and economic commitment.
We also respected the original shape of the building and get inspired by its Bauhaus spirit: geometry, symmetry, lines and curves… The hotel rooms and suites follow the shape of the building, the curved facades reflect into the new separation walls, and the graphical treatment of the flooring suggests a fluid movement between the spaces. The flooring is composed of various terrazzos made of recycled glass (including bottles captured from the sea), in different patterns,scales and tones. Water and the sea as central elements: in the middle of the suites, a bathtub comes out of the ground, and shades of blue improving the awareness of the sea elements.
All the materials used in our concept are recycled materials, objects from young, committed designers, or vintage, second-hand furniture highlighting classic design symbols from the great modernists. The furniture elements and chosen materials aim to showcase the contemporary sustainable marine design.
Originally, this hotel offered a solarium and rooms with an impressive view of the sea.
Our project offers an alternative design within this program, respecting its original structure and using innovative materials in a constant dialogue with the element “water”, a bath in the magic of the marine world and its dreamlike atmosphere.



Location ·

Genoa (IT)

Dates ·

Construction 1934 – Concept 2020

Interior design ·

Mathilde Gudefin & Salomé Wackernagel

Credits ·

M S Studio

Photo & Video credits ·

M S Studio & Comune di Genova