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This family house on the Aegean Sea will be completely transformed into a summer home. Our concept for this 1985s home follows our studio’s guidelines: respect the existing and assimilate the context.

The existing pillar structure is preserved and reinforced, and the distribution of the spaces is reshaped while maintaining the exterior circulation: a typical Mediterranean external stair to the first floor, followed by a beautiful wooden stair leading to the rooftop. Two apartments will be organized around an inner wet core, each one on a square platform.

For the backsplash surface in the bathrooms as well as for the outdoor shower, we proposed a golden & graphical pattern creating a soft contrast with the natural tones chosen for the rest of the house and remembering the traditional « iznic » tiles.

The dimension of the new openings is punctuated by the existing structure on the backside, while large bay windows open the view to the sea on the front façade.


Location ·

Didim, province of Aydın (TUR)

Dates ·

Construction 1985 – Renovation ongoing

Renovation concept ·

Salomé Wackernagel & Mathilde Gudefin

Credits ·

M S Studio