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For their new offices overlooking the city of Pamplona, the capital of the flourishing region of Navarre in Spain, the young Company Nubapp Applications S.L. wanted to offer to its employees various atmospheres: from the spacious open space to more intimate work areas, a space for relax or for meetings… the versatility of the places follows the step to transparency. The rooms open up and unfold.

Some of these spaces are marked on the walls or on the floor using artificial blue grass, which relates to the sporty world of the main customers of Nubapp (sport centers and training grounds). This blue, which is the emblematic colour of the company, frames the view in all directions. The furniture is set in coloured notes, according to the graphic identity of the client. Some made-to-mesure elements made of wood and white lacquer lend to the meeting and resting areas a warm as well as a minimalist accent.



Location ·

Pamplona (ES)

Dates ·

Interior design for Nubapp Applications S.L, 2019

Interior Design ·

Salomé Wackernagel & Mathilde Gudefin

Photo credits ·

Román Rey Arias