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The renovation of this apartment located in a Parisian building of the 1930’s reunited two flats together. The result creates a generous suite of rooms, minimalistic volumes as well as beautiful finishes for the floors and mouldings in the main rooms.

Our main intervention has been the bathroom renovation. For the new design, we based us on the colour codes of the existing “cassons” (typical French flooring which was very widespread in the 1950’s) in shades of light grey, chick yellow combined with black or anthracite joints. The kitchen renovation also highlights the original flooring that reflect itself in the new, glossy kitchen fronts with their minimalist brass handles.

In the living room, the immaculate white walls let the colourful objects, colours and textures vibrate in all visual simplicity and elegance.



Location ·

Paris (FR)

Dates ·

Construction 1930 – Renovation 2019

Interior Design ·

Salomé Wackernagel & Mathilde Gudefin

Photo credits ·

M S Studio